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The operations of the first version of our API are listed below on this page. Click on the item to get detailed information:


It is supposed that the operations of any version of our API guarantee a backward compatibility. We may add new query arguments and new fields to server replies, but all introduced features must behave consistently without  changes which could result in any incompatibilities. If you are running our Java library, we encourage you to take care that you constantly have the up-to-date version. The Java library follows the compatibility rule as well, so its update will not result in compilation breaks.


Every item in the catalogue has an uniq identifier encoded as a sequence of characters. Items obtained through the search queries include this identifier, and it can be used to get detailed information about the item. The identifier isn't meaningless for the staff of the library. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask for help providing the identifier of the item.


For your convenience we prepare some examples illustrating client implementation in Python:

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